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Bangkok is the hub of Asia with Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, especially in terms of air transport. Simply search for a flight ticket to Asia on any flight comparator. The stopover in Bangkok is very often unavoidable and can sometimes be long. We then visit Bangkok in 1 day or more before reaching its final destination. For other travelers, Bangkok is a must for tourists on a trip to Thailand. And lastly budget, the prices on the spot are rather soft compared to those practiced in Europe. By negotiating a good ticket and accommodation, you can really spend a cheap holiday in Thailand. In order to avail the best and the most lucrative discounts you can always visit airpaz.com.

The chief commercial characteristics of Bangkok

Bangkok is a transport hub in Asia and even if you go elsewhere, like Japan, Burma or Oceania, there is a good chance you will stop over in Bangkok, so why not take the opportunity to visit the city? . In addition, flights to Bangkok are often very cheap and it may be quite interesting to plan the beginning of his trip through Bangkok. I very often see promotions for flights to Bangkok from all over the world, so I really invite you to make a look at the various offers. You can take Uber, but be aware that there is a fixed package from the airport which can be a little expensive if you are alone. I can only invite you to take the public transport (the Airport Rail Link or the buses) and to supplement if necessary by a race Uber on the end of the trip. The train is a good solution to avoid traffic jams.

Getting to bus or train stations in Bangkok

I arrived from Cambodia and went to the islands of the bus station. The solution is to take Uber or a taxi by insisting on putting the meter on and directly reach the station, your hostel or the first subway station. The little advice and more: change only a little money when arriving at the airport and change the rest in the city. It’s also in the same place that you can get new US dollar bills to go to Burma.

For a local stay in Bangkok

Do not want to play tourists when you visit Bangkok? It’s good; it’s very easy to get off the beaten track given the size of the city! Siam Journey Guesthouse in Phaya Thai is a small, quiet hostel, integrated into a local Thai community, just steps from the subway. It’s clean, small, quiet and comfortable and has a great night market right behind. If you are looking for a local experience, as part of a youth hostel, this is the right plan! Rent an apartment with pool in Ari. Ari or Aree is the hipster trendy neighborhood, where there are plenty of good places to try: restaurants, shops, cafes, market, you will not be bored! The subway station is right next door